Our Story


Our story began with two white couples talking. One had just moved back to town after 40 years away. The city showed positive changes, but they found that social and cultural events they attended were mostly either white or black. They wondered: what could alter that?

The two couples invited people they knew—black and white—for dessert and conversation at one of their homes. Fifty people came. More dessert conversations were held. Over two years and nine conversations, more than 300 people participated. Others began to host dessert conversations across town and in other cities.

Our theme is as simple as friendship. 

We encourage people to intentionally reach out to other races. Go to lunch. Go out after work. Invite each other over. Tell your stories. Listen. Be present in each other’s lives. Be intentional.

Friendships make a difference. Friendships can change a community. Research shows that information shared in informal social settings has an impact on income. Can building friendships across color lines make our communities stronger and more prosperous?

We don’t know where this will go, but we know that friendships are the foundation from which other good things happen. And in the meantime our lives are enriched.